Streamlight Stinger C4 LED Flashlight
Rating: Excellent 4.5 out of 5
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Thinking about the Streamlight Stinger LED flashlight? Know the facts before you throw down your hard earned money. Read this review and explanation of the Stinger LED before you decide.

This is an honest review of the Streamlight Stinger LED rechargeable flashlight. I am writing this review because I read some reviews before I purchased my Stinger LED flashlight and they were not very accurate.

I am a police officer (canine handler) in Washington D.C.and use this light every day. I purchased my light because I have used Streamlight flashlights my whole career and have had very good luck with them.

I was looking to upgrade to a brighter light when I found the Stinger LED. My department issued the original PolyStinger about five years ago and it has  been a great product.

A little info on the light. This light is a little bigger than the original Stinger-and definitely brighter! The LED technology is amazing in its brightness. The light is super bright and there is no reduction in run time. In fact it runs longer than the original Stinger on a single charge.

Use For:

  • Law Enforcement/Security Flashlight

  • Tactical Flashlight

  • Fire Department Flashlight

  • Hunting/Camping Flashlight

  • General Use Flashlight

Important Note: The PolyStinger LED is brighter and has longer run times than the Stinger LED. The lights look the same but for some reason they have different specifications.

PolyStinger LED  Stinger LED


24,000 Candela 18,000 Candela

185 Lumens140/160 Lumens
Run Time

   2 Hours on High 1.75 Hours on High
3.75 Hours on Medium 3.5 Hours on Medium

7.5 Hours  on Low 6.75 Hours on Low

5.5 Hours on Strobe    5.5 Hours on Strobe


There are two basic models available. There is the PolyStinger LED and the Stinger LED. The PolyStinger is made of a nylon polymer  and the Stinger is made of aircraft aluminum. Both models have a rubber grip sleeve on the handle.


There are two different versions of Stinger LED flashlights. The Regular LED and Dual Switch(DS). The dual switch is a little longer because it has a second on/off switch on the tail cap. This feature is helpful for quick on/off situations or when wearing gloves. The switch on the tail cap is tucked in a little bit so the light doesn't come on accidentally.


Dual switch 8.64". Regular LED 8.07". Original Stinger 7.38"


The on-off switches are strong and easy to use. There is also a dimmer feature with three different brightness settings and a strobe feature. To use the dimmer feature you hold the switch on for a few seconds to go to the next lower light setting. This is a nice feature when you don't need blinding light and you want to get maximum battery life.

LED vs. Bulb

The LED is a big improvement over regular flashlight bulbs. The original rechargeable lights used bulbs and if they were dropped they almost always broke. These lights are much more shock proof-I drop my light all the time and
it keeps on working.

The LED also lasts almost forever-50,000 hours. The way these lights are built they could possibly last you the rest of your life. The battery would eventually wear out but it would take a long time .


The battery is not like something you would get from a department store rechargeable flashlight. This battery  is the real deal and will last a long time. Streamlight advertises the battery to be good for 1000 charges and I believe it.

If the battery does wear out it is easily replaceable just like the bulb and switches. A nice feature of the Streamlight products is that you can keep them working almost forever.


The light can be charged and stored in any Stinger charger. There are several charger options available. The cheapest option is with the car (DC) charger.

Charger Options:

  • DC (Car) Charger
  • AC  (Home) Charger
  • Piggyback Charger(Lets you charge light and extra battery at the same time)

The charger/holder is universal and can be used with either the AC or DC cord. An extra DC(Car) charger cord is about $10.00.

The Stinger LED can be left in the charger all the time without damaging the battery. Some lights have to be taken out after a certain number of hours so the battery isn't damaged.

INOVA T4 LED Flashlight(Made By INOVA)

This light is included in this review because it is the only other light that is comparable to the Stinger LED. Before I actually used the Stinger LED I would have assumed the Inova T4 would have been brighter just based on price.  The Inova was around $180.00 (retail) when I ordered my PolyStinger LED and is also a good flashlight.

We took both flashlights(Stinger LED and Inova) out in real world situations and compared them side by side. The Stinger LED was the brighter light  in every situation without question.

Now you can buy either light for about the same price($90.00-$125.00 depending on charger options) so it is a matter of personal choice.

I chose the Stinger LED because of the Streamlight reputation and at that time a much cheaper price.

The Downside

If there is a downside it would be the difficulty in finding a good holder to wear the light on a belt. The barrel of the light is a little thicker than the original Stinger so it is a bit of a chore to find a holder. I have been using an open topped collapsible baton holster for my light. The fit was a little tight at first but the holder has stretched to a perfect fit to hold the light securely.


I have been using this light for about three months and it is very hard to find anything negative to say about it.

In a nutshell, the Streamlight Stinger LED and PolyStinger LED are awesome flashlights. The construction is well planned and tough. If you need a super  bright , compact, rechargeable flashlight you can't go wrong with either of these two lights. The slightly  bigger size will take a couple of days to get used to if you have been using the original Stinger.  The brightness of the light will impress you instantly and you will not be sorry about the size.

Where to Purchase:

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